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Terms of Service

Last updated January 1, 2021

Scope of these Terms of Service

By using www.urtefoto.nl website (referred to in these Terms of Service as “website”) you agree with the Terms of Service. This website is a portfolio of Urtė’s Baranauskaitė’s (referred to in these Terms of Service as “website owner” or “Urtė Baranauskaitė”) photography work. Photographs featured on this website are for showcasing purposes only. These photos cannot be used, featured, sold anywhere else without the written permission from Urtė Baranauskaitė.


The copyright of all photographs shown on www.urtefoto.nl resides with photographer Urtė Baranauskaitė. All of the content, featured in this website – text, pictures, website layout belongs to and is solely managed by Urtė Baranauskaitė. This also applies to the content featured on the website owner’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

If you wish to use pictures from this website in any public manner, by printing, sharing, selling, featuring – you must get website owner’s permission to do so. Moreover, you must reference a direct link to the website www.urtefoto.nl when displaying Urtė’s Baranauskaitė’s pictures. You can reach the website owner about this matter by email [email protected]

Urtė Baranauskaitė has the right to contact the authorities if she finds out that the content, provided in her website, was used elsewhere without her permission.


Website owner carefully checks and continuously updates all text and links. Website owner makes every reasonable effort to ensure that information provided on this website is accurate and complete. However, website owner cannot accept any responsibility or liability or give any warranty that information provided by this website is correct, complete or up to date. Additionally, website owner reserves the right to modify information on this website at any time without prior notice. However, website owner does not accept any obligation to update the information it contains.

Website owner has verified the correctness of all external links at the time of their inclusion. Website owner can, however, not accept any liability for the content or availability of websites that you access via hyperlinks. The provider of pages to which particular links point is solely responsible for any illegal, factually incorrect or incomplete contents and, in particular, for any losses sustained as a consequence of the contents of linked pages. This applies whether such losses are sustained directly or indirectly or are pecuniary or result from loss of data, downtime or other causes.

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